Disclaimer: Don’t Make Me Make A Disclaimer

It’s a well established fact I’m fucking crazy.

I won’t deny it. I love it.

I also have a short temper and little patience for bullshit.

That being said, please do not copy my posts verbatim and post them onto your blog and then have the audacity to claim them as yours. That’s all I ask.

And by the way, changing one or two words does not make you any less a plagiarist. Not when 99.9% of the post is still mine.

I’m a peaceful person. I try to be a peaceful person, I really do. I express myself in a very specific way, a very personal way and often very sarcastic way. I understand that when you find a set of words that resonate with you or make you say “holly shit, she’s in my head” or “holly shit, that’s exactly what I wish I could put into words” that you may be tempted to repeat the same words and I understand that copying other writer’s is an act of admiration.

However, my writing is very important to me. It’s really all I’ve got right now, and it’s about to really be all I’ve got now that I’ll only be taking one class with no job to keep me out of my head during the other six days of the week. Therefore I ask, once more, do not copy my words verbatim unless you have 1) asked my permission or 2) reblogged the post. I write because I want these things to resonate with people, I want you all to not feel so alone, and I enjoy making you all laugh, and a lot of what I say, even when I’m commenting on bullshit, is very personal.

I’m an emotional person. My emotions are part of my identity and therefore if you’re posting them literally word for word, a blatant copy and paste that I’m obviously going to find, I’m going to feel like you’ve stolen part of my identity. I’m not a professional by any means, I don’t even own this website yet, but I’ve had a little bit of professional experience and in having been through many, many writing classes, contests, a few local publishings, I take plagiarism as seriously as your wacko Literature professor.

Whether your blog is small, large, boring, interesting, I don’t care; if you copy my work word for word, I’m going to have a problem. Give credit where credit is due. If you like the writing, just say “hey, I read on so and so’s blog blah blah” or reblog it or say “this line from so-and-so’s blog resonated with me:” and proceed to say the line. We’re all creative people here, we have the potential to be great writers and reach out to so many people–why wouldn’t you want to reach out to them with your own message? Your own words? What is the purpose of copying mine?

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m straight up in your face and right now I’m being straight up. Don’t fucking copy me. It’s very simple. It’s not rocket science.

While scrolling last night I clicked on a post I found interesting, opened it, and started skimming with a smile on my face. The smile dwindled as I realized how eerily familiar they were. I went and I looked at my own blog and said “what the fuck?” outloud. Because it was copied word for word (minus the pictures) into the post. I skimmed for credit, a reblog, perhaps just a few words saying where they got their words. I found none.

I was going to blast this person but then I realized (especially because this isn’t professional) that it really isn’t a big deal. I’m not mad, I was just really caught off guard. Like I said, plagiarism is huge to me.

Plus I’m fucking crazy, remember? Short fuse.

Instead, I figured I’d make a post about it, keep the bloggers anonymity out of respect for them, and let everyone else know that blogs are much more effective, much more meaningful, if the words you type are your own.

I’ve seen owners of their blogs and non-owners put up disclaimers and I don’t want to be one of those people. I think art (such as writing) holds more validity when it’s shared and I tend to trust that people have a little bit of common sense; they don’t need rules shoved down their face. I thought. I’m not getting money to write here, nothing about it is professional–I mean I sound like a fucking drunk bastard in a bar who is pissed off because the bartender won’t give him another Jack and Coke half the time–but it’s a matter of respect.

Hopefully I’m not overstepping any bounds here (that’s just a line for those of you who get overly offended or think I’m overreacting which I very well could be).

Like I said, I’m not really mad and it’s not like I have a huge army of lawyers lined up behind me ready to sue the shit out of this person. I’m flattered they enjoyed my work enough to want to copy it. It’s just a matter of respect. If someone writes something, it’s common courtesy to give them credit for their creation.

Now for all you people who download music free off the internet–more power to you. Someone, somewhere paid for the track to transfer into torrent form or upload digitally, so don’t even trip. It’s not like they’re uploading “Jekyll and Hyde” by Five Finger Death Punch without giving credit to Five Finger Death Punch. People (Metallica) need to learn to stop complaining about downloading music for free. They pay enough money for your fucking merchandise and your fucking concert tickets. Be flattered they love you so much. LONG LIVE NAPSTER.

P.S: To the person who copied me word for word; if you do it again, I will blast you. So take the extra time to come up with your own work. Thanks.