Best Buy, You Sneaky Bastard!

You’re supposed to give praise to the good things in your life and accept the bad things. But I swear to God Best Buy has it out for me. When I was sixteen and was offered a television for my birthday, I found the perfect 32 inch in Best Buy: it wasn’t in stock. Whenever I find the perfect deal online, they’re suddenly sold out. And now that I had finally, successfully, completed a $653.83 purchase for a new computer for school (sale price was 599) I get an email today saying my order is canceled because my credit card didn’t go through. Two days before it was supposed to be delivered.

Now, before I called bullshit and stormed my ass all the way down to Best Buy to have a little chat with their store manager who was probably sitting up in the top booth overlooking the store, licking his lips and readying his lotion bottle, just waiting someone to pay $1999.99 for a MacBook so he could get off on their frivolous spending, I called customer service. And here’s a little secret: if you want everything to work out in your favor, be POLITE. I know, such a foreign word these days. But a little patience pays off. Those people are stressed so much during the day, they deal with so much bullshit and people blaming them for things they didn’t do that sometimes it’s refreshing to get a caller who says “thank you” whenever they do a service or speaks to them like another human being.

They were supposed to send the email out much sooner–I ordered six days ago and only received the email today at 1:29 pm. I responded at seven pm and that was when I learned my order got cancelled. All I have to say to that bullshit is . . . you know Best Buy, it’s one thing to not have something in stock, it’s a whole other thing not to wine and dine a person before they get FUCKED.

Now, I can’t blame them entirely. My college bank got all paranoid on me, put a hold on my card, and were the ones to cancel the order. I barely got the call today and lifted the hold as soon as I learned. It was too late, I guess. The two women I spoke to were very helpful. They found out I was also charged for an item that was supposed to be free, so they refunded me the $30 and the $653 which should both be back in my account by Monday. They gave me a case number so that when I decide to order again, I’ll be able to get the computer for the sales price. I think that was very gracious of them and I couldn’t thank them enough. I wrote down every word they said, the time, screenshotted the email’s on my phone and have the case number all ready so when I call back and some stuck up motherfucker answers saying “we can’t do that” i’ll say both the women’s names, tell him what they said, send him a screenshot if necessary, and get my fucking money’s worth.

I just need to breathe. I’m a computer fanatic and was so looking forward to unwinding this weekend with a brand new device and just enjoying life. But that won’t fucking happen.

But it’s all going to be okay. I’ll get the computer, I’ll pay with a different card if I must, and I’ll get what I need regardless.

The best part of my day was seeing my new psychologist. She’s absolutely amazing. I mean, I was thoroughly surprised. As soon as she rolled her eyes and said she doesn’t give out “homework” and make you practice “coping skills” with a sheet, I knew she was the one for me. I hated that shit, it never worked. And although I’m not quite sure I conveyed my actual issues with her just yet, it is just the first session, so maybe the next one I can dive a little further into the darker portions of my mind and get her opinion on it. Maybe by then I’ll have my fucking computer.

I guess I could spend my time doing homework this weekend. That’s . . . that’s probably a good idea.

This was a rant. I’m still majorly pissed.