Two Little Pills

I have a poem for you all today about something I’ve been struggling with on an astronomical level. It’s something that’s been hounding me since I first started on this journey when I was 16 or 17. Take a read.

Take it, they say, and I do.

It’s for the better, they say, and I pretend

to believe them.

But there’s no better medicine than human connection,

than walks in nature

where the fireflies conjure

and the Cougars roar.

There’s no better medicine than a domestic cat’s purr,

than a puppy’s head rub,

or the bloom of a rose.

But take it, they said, and I do,

for I understand the consequences of moods

that are self destructive,

that cause more pain than happiness,

that force me to believe

everyone is against me,

even as the evidence proves otherwise.

Two little pills will not dictate my life

but they hound my moral conscience mercilessly:

“You’re feeding the demon, Big Pharma,

going against what you believe in,

what Karma

will that produce at the end of your life span

here on Earth?

You’re hurting your liver, your kidneys, your organs.

How will your heart feel after 21 years of torture

by two little pills?

Don’t you remember Prolonged QT,

or have you forgotten you’re getting a science degree?

It can cause a fatal Arrhythmia after prolonged use of anti-psychotics

and who knows this but you?

A psychiatrist won’t tell you,

a physician won’t tell you

and yet you take those two little pills

against your very own will.

This is all the voice in my head

the one that used to constantly want me dead.

Now he begs for me to save my life

by throwing away those two little pills

that cause me so much moral strife.


Check out this poem and more on my Booksie account here.

11 thoughts on “Two Little Pills”

    1. I’m doing alright, just some stuff I had to get off my chest. I go back and forth with my meds so this is nothing new for me. Glad to hear you were able to successfully come off of one however! Thank you for reading and commenting.

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      1. I came off it myself even against psychiatrists orders. It has been well so far. I am on another but not going to come off it at the moment.


  1. Powerful poem!
    I need to catch up on all your posts, and plan to soon. Glad you are sharing your thoughts & observations here again. Hope & wishing you are doing well, or as well as you can. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for liking my blog, “coming soon to websites near you” great poem, I feel your poem as I take 2 pills and probably will the rest of my life as my life would be shorter without them as I know I would kill myself if i didn’t take em!

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