Sleep and Bad Poetry; Nevermore.

An Anti-Ode To Insomnia:

Oh Insomnia, how you glorify yourself

in the twinkling midnight hours;

how heavy is your presence,

like a teenage pregnancy.

Oh Insomnia, like a whisper in the night,

gentle yet foreboding.

Oh Insomnia,

Fuck you.

Fuck your shit.


Fuck your mom. Fuck your brothers. Fuck your sister.

Fucking gets stabbed.

Everyone hates you. You piece of fucking shit.

Go die in a hole.

Oh insomnia.


Oh I have such a way with words. Everyone, it’s okay, let your cheeks flush, feel the mighty power of my eloquent words.

It’s 3:32 a.m. And for about the fourteenth day in a row, I’ve gotten less than a few hours of sleep. A phone call woke me from a peaceful slumber on the couch at work, and I stumbled into the office with a cat following on my heels. It followed me as I plopped back on the couch and crawled underneath my legs, never to be seen again, because it didn’t exist. Too bad, I could have used a cat whose purr could lull me to sleep tonight, real or not, I don’t fucking discriminate. In this day and age, in this fucking country (U.S.A), what is the point of discrimination anymore?

Real, Fake, Fat, skinny, black, white, brown, orange, yellow, small dick, big dick, ugly, beautiful, I could care less anymore. Just let me sleep.

3 thoughts on “Sleep and Bad Poetry; Nevermore.”

  1. I know the feeling…was up all night myself. Let’s get some rest lol…but I have a math & reading test for a potential job…need to study…its been decades since I’ve had to study for a test😕…it will be OK. Hope you get some sleep at least 👍

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      1. Oh ya…so fun I haven’t even started yet. ha…I’m the ultimate procrastinator, really bad. But I’ll force myself, just need to brush up on some algebra, geometry, fractions, etc ..freaking word problems are a pain in the ass. 1 guy paints a house in 4 hrs another in 6hrs…how long if they paint the house together? Now common sense would say 5hrs…but the answer is like 4 hrs and 24mins or some shit like that…wtf!! I need another bong hit!…lmao


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