Dreams–Not The Influential Kind

And it begins.

You all didn’t know me when I struggled with nightmares inside of nightmares every night. In fact, I started this blog at the tail end of my nightmare tirade.

It’s been a good eight months since I’ve had a good, vivid scare in my sleep. That streak has ended this morning.


Ever since I was young, I’ve had dreams more vivid than reality and they’ve always been extravagant. I remember a dream I had at the age of six–at least, I’m pretty sure it was a dream. The refrigerator danced from the kitchen into the bedroom/living room where my family slept. The door opened and all the condiments and items in the door were dancing too. You think, as a six year old, I would be entertained but I was fucking terrified. Then a 2 x 4 piece of plywood got puked out of the middle of the refrigerator and a snail the size of three humans heads slugged across it, and in its mouth were two sharp sabretooth-looking fangs, about the size of my forearm. It hissed and opened it’s mouth to devour my head and I woke up.

That is the first vivid nightmare I can remember. And it hasn’t stopped since then. Weird things happened with the clocks, with the house, e.t.c; sometimes thinking back on them I can’t discern whether they were indeed dreams or if my brain was playing tricks on me in waking reality.

In high school the streak really took hold of my sleep. Every night was one of three dreams: a tsunami, a robbery, or an alien invasion. The themes never deviated and that has not changed.


The tsunami ones scared me the worst because I didn’t have any control of it (#symbolism), and woke up drenched in sweat.


The robbery ones were extremely tense, but I never awoke scared of them, only shaken. In fact, they often bled into each other. One robbery would relate to the next, and then to the next–even if the dreams were not had consecutive nights.


The alien invasion ones always woke me up feeling like I had actually left earth. In some of them I talked with my subconscious and woke up feeling freed, in others I was dissected. Sometimes I was just running and hiding like everyone else.

Once I dreamt of me killing myself and once I dreamt of me killing someone else; those were the only deviations from the themes.

I remember the majority of them like I experienced them in real life. They aren’t just dreams to me, but experiences, and I remember them like memories.

I’m someone who does not pay attention to my sleep pattern because it deviates ridiculous amounts. It’s like a kid walking down a sidewalk licking their ice cream on a cone and out of nowhere some jackass on a bike smacks the ice cream to the concrete.

But the weeks leading up to the hospital and the last four days afterwards, I’d been sleeping anywhere from nine hours to thirteen hours. Three days ago I woke up after five hours of sleep on the dot. The next day, five hours on the dot. Last night; five hours on the dot.

Last night the dream was a combination. It was a dream inside of a dream (another reoccurring theme of mine), with an alien invasion of sorts and a robbery. That’s new as well.

I remember waking up (in the first dream) to an alien creature with legs like an Orb Weaver spider and the body of a shrieker out of Resident Evil 6 (picture the two above combined together). The face was circular and the mouth elongated across the diameter of it’s spherical head. Underneath it was a body. The alien was ripping apart the body and tossing around the gore and gorging itself on intestines whilst simultaneously raping the shit out of the mangled corpse.

It noticed I was awake and drenched in sweat and I could not move. It went to engulf my head and I woke up (in the dream) in a cold sweat. I woke up my mother who was sleeping next to me (as a child, my parents and I had to sleep in the same bed because we only have a living room and a bathroom and a kitchen), just to make sure that she wasn’t an alien. She woke up and I sighed and realized it was a dream and went back to sleep . . . still in a dream.

Then my mother and I were driving to Safeway. I saw a shopping cart that was wheeling itself around in the parking lot and doing donuts and I knew there was some kind of paranormal force around us.

bloody-screamer_largeThen we were shopping when shots rang outside in the parking lot. Windows broke, people screamed, and blood sprayed. People were looting cash registers and grocery items for whatever reason and my mother and I were outside (suddenly), crouched on the ground by my mom’s car, face to face with a cop who was so distressed he almost shot the both of us. He pointed a gun at me and screamed “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I have to! I have to!” and I told him “you don’t have to do this.”

That freaked him out and he ran to the other side of the car to point the gun at my mom and he screamed something similar. She said “you just have to calm down.”

That freaked him out and he ran back to my side of the car and pointed the gun back at me.

This went on for about ten or fifteen dream minutes. I remember watching his little footsteps pitter patter back and forth underneath the car.

Finally, he ran off. My mother and I went into the store and put on store aprons and started helping put items back where they were supposed to be. People were dead, hanging through the broken windows and dripping blood on the produce. I told my mother “I think the reason we got to stay alive was that we were so calm when he wasn’t”.


And that was when I woke up, heart pounding. The force that was in my dream was the force I felt in my face that moment. I have no doorknob in my door (courtesy of me and my father fighting) and through the hole I swear something was staring at me. I was too paralyzed to leave my bed because I feared if I got up whatever force was keeping me captive would strangle me. I looked at the time and it was 4:00 a.m exactly.

I wasn’t going back to sleep.

I don’t know what any of this means. I don’t want this string of nightmare bullshit to start again, not as vigorously as it used to be. I can’t handle them every night, it’s like waking up in the middle of a panic attack but instead of waking up it’s prolonged through the night and you have no choice but to deal with it.

For those wondering, yes, I can lucid dream.So I often realize I’m in a dream. But what that results in is me fighting against my brain through different layers of dream (literally crawling from sleep layer to sleep layer) until I break through the surface and open my eyes in this reality. Then I’m more exhausted than I was before I went to sleep.

Remember how I was writing about the different forces I felt on one of my walks? The one with the monarchs and the ripped squirrel tails? I feel that force that ripped those squirrel tails and bird wings are trying to get to me yet again; invading my dreams and my room and my reality.

Whatever. I’m tired. I’m hungry. I have math in two hours.

5 thoughts on “Dreams–Not The Influential Kind”

  1. Ah I too have the most vivid fucking dreams. As my doctor calls “night terrors” lmfao. I’ve been on meds for like 2 years for them but sometimes I go without the meds? I mean sometimes I like remembering my dreams. My fiancé says she never remembers her dreams, which I’m just like how?!?!?! Mine are so unforgettable. Like you had the one you remember about the fridge since you was a kid, they’re unforgettable cause they’re fucking terrifying. And your alien dreams? I’d love to have a legit alien dream where I’m actually talking about life and space with them, I’d be pissed to wake up from that actually lol. But dissected? Ah I’ll do without.

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    1. Yesssss finally someone who gets it lmao. Christ, finally. How do the meds work for them? Every time I tried a medication my dreams got worse lmfao. And exactly, I don’t know how people say they never remember their dreams it’s like wtf though? XD. Oh yeah talking extraterrestrial philosophy would be 10x better than being dissected. Maybe I was abducted and it wasn’t a dream at all. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay okay I was gonna say…maybe you was abducted n just didn’t remember but didn’t wanna freak ya out or anything. But like 99.9% of abductees don’t remember shit until going through hypnotism n stuff lol. If I ever have a crazy ass dream, I’m going to the ER and saying “catscan!!” And wanting copies of each catscan of my whole body to be 100% sure there is NOT a device in my body 😂😂, but I’m so real. My meds help me but I don’t take them every night because some nights I like to dream, but they make me not dream like at all. It’s called prazosin? I’m pretty sure that’s it!! I’ve recently stopped taking my Schizophrenia meds due to the nightmares it gave me, my doctor isn’t aware of this yet, but he will be in December when I go for my 3 month visit🙄.

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      2. Lol naw, that was my first thought when I woke up from it XD. Hahaha duuude I thought about that I’m like if this is some freak experiment shit I gotta watch out for shit under my skin XD XD Or in my temple. I’m terrified of something being installed in my temple. Ohhh yeah nice, because sometimes it is nice to dream. I like the ones where I’m not on earth and just floating around space.
        Oh shit they gave you nightmares? F that. So many medications do that, it’s freaking annoying af. Sleep is supposed to be a peaceful time not one full of nightmarish terrors. That’s what the daytime is for. lmfao.

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