Totally Unintentional Self-Promotion


Could have been the champagne, the champagne,

Could have been the cocaine, the cocaine,

Could have been the way you looked at me that told me we were through!

I’m rocking out to some Cavo at 2:40 A.M and you’re reading me while I rock out to some Cavo. Isn’t life peculiar?

I’d say so.

Now, I’m not one for self promotion or anything. I don’t promote any accounts that would give away my true identity because, let’s face it, I’m your paranoid Uncle who happens to be a woman who also happens to screech at you if you don’t lock the door behind you when you come in the house. I’m like my Ethics professor: if I catch someone videoing me without my consent, I smash your camera to the floor.

But, in this case, I’ll do a little self-promotion. While I’m working on a couple of projects for a magazine submission and a later Glimmer Train submission, I’d like to announce that I’ve started a Facebook page, separate from my old account I had as a teenager where I spit out pathetic teenage angst to my former friends who replied with equally angsty-type-angst.

I want this page to be separate from my life and I want it to be more of a digital community than a page where someone posts picture of food and other shit no one cares about. In the attempt to stay positive and move forward in my life, I’ve found that helping others stay positive and move forward in their life is a good catalyst for both parties. Therefore I’ll be uploading positive things, quotes, pictures, events, whatever, thoughts for the day, things to give you a quick laugh or the feeling of being hugged through a computer screen and of course everything and anything relevant to mental health. I’ll try not to  be biased towards any specific disorder or issue.

That’s my goal, at least. 

I’m not sure what’s urged me into social media, perhaps I’ve gotten fed with with all the #shitIsaymatterssolistentome campaigns and wanted to start something semi-interesting of my own. Something relevant, something real.

I’m still not a fan of Facebook. I haven’t been on it since I was 14. It’s changed a lot since 2008 hasn’t it?

At any rate, if you’d like to check it out, it’s here. Or better yet, log into Facebook and search “Mental Truths”. The one with the black and white photo. Because, you know me: I fucked up the link I posted in this post. For fucks sake.

Anyway, It’s also anonymous, so if you’re a stalker planning to stalk me, you’re out of luck. Obviously it’s not going to have a lot on it since I barely started it, but I’m hoping to grow it rather rapidly in terms of content.

I’d also like to share another account that was tweeted (fuck, did I just say tweeted?) to me here. He’s an individual with autism who obviously advocates for, well, autism. I’ve checked it out and I think it’s a nice little community of people.

I also have a Writer’s Cafe account, in case you wanted to know. It doesn’t have much on it because I write things and never upload them. I think I should start.

Of course you don’t care. I’ll shut up now.

MentalTruths OUT.



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