E.B.A.H And The World


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. 

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. 

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.

We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn. 

Burn motherfucker, burn. 

If you haven’t heard that song by Bloodhound Gang, what have you really done with your life?

Music is a big part of my life. As I’ve briefly mentioned before, I listen to all types. Taking a world music class introduced me to some of my now favorites like Gamelan music from Indonesia, Classic Chinese, and the Pansori story-telling opera type music from Korea. I believe what attracted me to Gamelan was the class, the organization, and of course the on point timing the musicians intrinsically know. You don’t ever step over the instruments, only around them because stepping over them disrespects the spirits within them. Pansori reminds me much of Native American music which often tells stories of creation and morals, although I believe Pansori runs a lot, lot longer. Classic Chinese music has always interested me, before I had a chance to study it; it’s very high pitched but it’s a type of high pitched that strums a calming nerve in me.


Here’s a video if you’ve never heard it. I strongly suggest giving it a chance:

What a lot of people in the western world may not know is that our music bars, our F.A.C.E and E.G.B.D.F are not universal. If you’re American you’re probably used to the 4/4 count, and if you’re part of latin and German roots you’re probably also used to 3/4 counts (Waltz). But a lot of classic and culture music from our neighbors over in the East is often improvised, without written bars, without specific counts, and taken only from the 90+ scales they have to memorize and master in order to become a respected musician.

Before I took the class a year and a half ago, I figured I’d never hear anything as complicated as, say, Through The Fire and The Flames by Dragonforce. If you haven’t heard that song, the solos and vocals are wicked and blew my mind when I was 11. While in that class, I learned Western, modern music is rather simplistic compared to the rest of the world that have certain musical traditions to uphold.

Don’t get me wrong, I love classic rock and metal and rap and Rhythm and Blues and Jazz and symphonies and orchestras and operas and choirs and a SELECT FEW Country songs as much as the next person. But I found myself culturally envious of the children across the world who are filled with thousand year old songs by their elders (whether they appreciate it in this day and age or not).

2492451_origI consider myself part of the world culture. I love, and am fascinated by them all, regardless of which gender they think is superior or which dictators they’re forced to bow down to. The culture isn’t corrupt, it’s the people, and therefore I respect their tradition, but not their choices.

Music does wonders for my mental health. I think it can do wonders for a lot of people’s mental health. Our music building at my college has walls dedicated to the psychology of music. It’s not only a good stress reliever but it’s a form of expression, of comfort, and it’s a way to connect with others. It’s a way to enjoy solitude and company. It carries tradition and message and religion and every human emotion, perhaps even the ones you can’t explain.

Many native traditions believe the universe was wrought into creation by a single song. I tend to agree.

Music is everywhere. Our voices can imitate pitch and tone. Your pulse is a beat, your car engine rumbles to a specific count. Math and music intermingle like courting eagles and without those two timing devices, what would our universe be today? Non-existent, most likely. Music is everywhere, if you open your ears to it.

maxresdefault3What bothers me about music as an industry is the introduction of synthetics. I don’t like the way they defile the rawness of the human voice or the way they only do so in pursuit of dollars. I stay away from most pop music because of the reoccurring themes of “omg, we broke up” and the cliche beats made by someone pressing three buttons and feeling accomplished in themselves. I can’t watch music videos anymore because I’m not that into porn. I turn on the radio to a local hip-hop station and find they’ve been dominated by corporation and therefore forced to play the same song ten times in an hour. Not to mention if they did play a different song, I wouldn’t know because all the rappers have the same tone of voice and brag about the cocaine in their car, the gun in their sock, and the bitch on their dick.

That being said, there are people into synthetics who get amazingly creative and I respect them for putting a level of originality into something that can fall dull pretty easily. There are some rappers who spit on a variety of topics and I respect them for defying the stereotype surrounding rap these days.

I don’t mean this to seem like a hate speech on today’s music (although they’re making it pretty easy for me) because everyone’s chosen way to express themselves is up to them.

Oops, I mean up to the record companies. Sorry for that error.

63b9d7_d43f48ba681549446f14aa647ac85da0So as youngster I did gravitate towards the underground scene. I supported local bands and political rappers before I understood politics. I liked Dead Prez and Immortal Technique but I clung to Tech N9ne the hardest for some reason.

Probably because he’s a motherfuckin’ boss.

But that’s beside the point.

I scanned one of our local club’s band list for the next six months and underneath Snoop Dogg and some stupid ass 2 Chainz was Tech on May 14th. His annual trip into our little town.

It’s funny. Besides Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, I never see that club sold out with a line three blocks down until Tech comes. Maybe I’m bias. But those are the three biggest names to hit us, usually.

I wish he was coming after June 15th (my birthday) so I could hit the bar downstairs and head upstairs. Alas, on may 14th I won’t be close enough to 21 for them to let me sneak in.

largeI like downstairs better anyway. I like being in the front because, hello, you’re right there. Last time one of the rappers who’d already performed was standing right behind my friend and I and I jumped so high when I noticed. He was just laughing and taking some joints from the people beside me. He was chill.

Yes, I do take ear plugs. For sensory reasons and for ear health reasons.

Obviously, I’m hype for this shit. I miss when he used to come twice or three times a year, but I understand Strange Music has expanded since 2002 and honestly, as long as his ass comes once a year I’m satisfied.

A few of my favorite songs? Damn, I’m glad you asked.