Well That Was A Waste . . .

Alright . . . interview . . . interview . . .

*Taps chin*

What to say about this experience.

Well, I applied for a Backroom Associate which handles shipping, receiving, and does customer pick up.

There was not a single woman in that building. I shit you not.

Except little old me. And the managers were bewildered, as if they’d never seen a woman before in their life. It was so comical I almost laughed.

They asked me what position I was applying for again, as if I’d made a mistake.

I already waited around for about 30 minutes before the interview even started, and I’d arrived ten minutes early.

I fucked up once or twice in what I was saying and I probably said “uh” too many times, but honestly after the way they dealt with me and all the snotty looks they gave me (besides the one worker who got the manager for me, he was cool and always smiling) I don’t really want to work there anymore.

Usually they hire people right on the spot but instead I got the old “we’ll call you back for a second interview, maybe.”

I honestly don’t care. They weren’t professional, neither was their office. Their expressions towards me were atrocious–and this time I’m not even exaggerating. The manager liked my answers (so he says) but honestly I’d rather work for a different company. It just doesn’t seem to fit me, and that’s okay.

I’m hoping for a call back from a company that delivers food to low income families and other businesses and a school program. It pays well, it’s part time, and at the same time I get to help people. That’s the kind of job I want.

When the interviewer asked if I had any questions I said no because I’d lost interest. I know you should always ask questions but fuck it. I know if I had that job I’d have to sit there and prove myself ten times harder around those people. I don’t need that kind of stress.

I think I’m going to keep looking. If they call me back, I’ll just say I’ve got another position and thank you for the offer.

That being said, I’m proud of myself today. I handled it well. My anxiety caused minor stomach problems and I didn’t even shake. I was calm and collective and only slipped up once or twice with my words. I appeared way more confident than I was.

I feel this attempt was practice for the other job I’m hoping for. I think I’m going to continue on my path towards that job. I know I can get it if I really want it. And if they don’t call me back, I wait another week and re-apply. I’m the perfect person for that position, I know I am. I just feel it in my bones.

So I’m sending the feeling out into the universe.

I want the delivery job, not that backroom job. Please, for the Universe’s sake, give me that damn delivery job. 

I might actually suck up the courage to call them and ask where my application is. I want it that bad.

If I push aside my anxiety to do something I absolutely 100% hate doing, than you know I need that shit like a hog needs slop.

want that shit like a hog wants slop. 


I’m about to go bust up some BloodBorne.

19 thoughts on “Well That Was A Waste . . .”

  1. I know how you felt going into that interview. I once walked into a very Chinese with a resume in my hand and asked for the manager. When I told him I was looking for a job he actually laughed and said “here?”
    I really hope you get the job you want. I’m thinking white light for you but don’t call them before they call you, that’s a big no no.

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    1. Lol! That mistake is funny though XD But really, I hate when people are discriminatory, especially in a job. I always laugh when they put notes at the end of applications that say “this answer will not affect your application”. In my head I”m like . . .these people are only human.

      I hope I do as well. I keep checking online to make sure they didn’t give the position away.

      Well I know it can be good to check in on where your application is in the process by calling them. Not to say “Yo I want this job” or anything like that. It shows interest.

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      1. Yeah!! I think you’re on to something!! I agree, that company would have sucked working for, based on your take on it.. Best wishes to the company that deserves you!! It’ll happen for you. 😊

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  2. Brava! Sounds like you handled yourself well, despite the diss you received. Make the call about the job. A polite enquiry and pleasant conversation can go a LONG way. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you.

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