Shoot Luke In The Face


You ever eat a burger with blue cheese and black mushrooms and lettuce and tomato and onion and the bun falls apart and the grease drips down your wrist and you lick your skin and then remember you were just in a hospital and might have Ebola now?

That’s how I felt eating Betty’s Burger tonight.

That was some delicious Ebola.

But seriously; there’s signs all over the hospital lobby room saying if you have been to parts of West Africa or been near parts of West Africa and have had a fever you need to tell the staff immediately or else you risk your guts spewing all over the place.

You also know that moment when your boyfriend acts like you hit him really hard and then says yeah keep talking shit while you’re typing on your blog and you just want to slap him in the face with a pillow and interrupt his star wars game?

I’m not an abuser I swear. Sometimes people just need a little extra discipline.


And then he thinks you weren’t actually typing that and then he looks over and sees that you were and then he starts laughing and says oh shit oops?

That’s my life right now. And I like it that way.

But Star Wars, really? It’s like Call Of Duty, but the Star Wars version in multiplayer. I understand the graphics are better on the PS4 than the previous generation but my PS3 works just fine. I can’t stand to go out and buy consoles until my console craps out; I just see no point. Or until all the companies stop making PS3 games. I know there will no longer be any Assassin’s Creed games made for the PS3. Bummer.

But that’s not enough to make me pay another $500 for a damn console. I don’t even have good internet connection. I don’t even have fifty dollars to pay for the PlayStation Plus Subscription.

Oh My God.

Guess what you guys?

He took down the fucking walker. He’s so happy right now.

Anyway. . .

The good news is my father’s off the ventilator and is awake but he’s not very stable–in terms of mental health. He’s extremely quick to anger and extremely prone to crying, but I’m assuming that’s from all the medication, the withdrawal, and the whole waking up in the hospital after two days of being in a medically induced coma.

He’s also very skinny. We never noticed it because of the clothes he wears and the way he acts but he’s very skinny. He’s not eating, probably on the account of the drinking and meth, so I’m curious to see how the hospital is going to get him to eat.

He was already violent with them. He’s prone to getting up and trying to walk out of the hospital or yelling at the staff in an attempt to get his way.

The funniest part was when one of the nurses walked in to turn off a beeping monitor (his blood pressure is stil 187/113 so the machine fucking had a hissy fit) and the sound of the nurses shoe on the tile scared the fuck out of my dad and he jumped a mile in the air. All of us started laughing, including him.

They gave him clear cups with a faint orange label on them. Those cups contained water. He thought it was apple juice and when I told him it was water and showed him the bottom of the cup was clear, he gave us this face:


All in all, he’s doing a little better.

I find it really funny the guy he’s been hanging out with hasn’t called or came over to the house like he usually does. Did he know this shit was going to happen? Usually he’s hitting up the phone and knocking on the door twice a day.

Anyway, I didn’t post early today, I was too tired, and my brain doesn’t really know how to think right now. So I’m going to end this short.

Life is crazy.