I Can Fly And Shoot Lazers From My Eyes At ISIS: Vote For Me In 2020

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to write about today.

I write daily, if you haven’t figured it out yet for whatever reason . . .  but I do write daily. It’s a hassle sometimes, I won’t lie, because I usually sit at the keyboard with a blank mind and get sucked into Fail videos on YouTube for about five hours. In fact, I just got done watching Bad Lip Reading of the NFL for the millionth time. If you haven’t seen those videos, you better truck yo ass on over to the YouTube and watch it; it’ll give you a much needed laugh.

Anyway, I just want to take a moment and say thanks to everyone who supports my posts with likes and comments. You all always have the most interesting responses, and some of the most meaningful, and it really does my heart well to see people who are enthusiastic about writing, about mental health, about reading, about positivity, about bettering themselves . . . all of that helps restore a little faith in humanity. You are all amazing. Thank you so, so, so much for the support. 

Like most people, I started this blog not really knowing what I could to do with it. However, I didn’t start it drunk one night on a whim, I planned it very meticulously. I knew I wanted to speak about my struggles, but I didn’t want to make it about me, I wanted to make it about all of us; a place that outlined personal struggles and tied them to the rest of society. We’re all in this together.

I was sick of people giving me weird looks when I said “I’m studying to be a psychiatrist” because of all the stereotypes they hear about people with mental health issues.

Don’t think us studying the subject aren’t scrutinized even more: you have to be crazy to want to work with crazies, right?


At any rate, I started this blog a couple months ago as a way to dispel stereotypes and bring to light things we don’t seem to talk about. You know, Big Pharma sneaking their way into everyone’s lives and ripping people off, Insurance Company scams . . . things you as a mental health patient may not even know about.

So I didn’t start this in the cliche “make you feel less alone” idea, but that’s always in the back of my mind. How could I ever think of being a mental health professional and only base my knowledge off my own experiences or the words of a textbook? I love learning about how you all see things, how you see yourselves, how you see your life and what you’ve learned from your struggles. As a future doctor, I’m focused on your health, not the insurance companies’. I’m so thankful you’re all willing to share a bit of who you are with the world. It’s good for you and it’s good for us. So thank you.

Professionals who think they know their borderline patient because they read about it in med school have the IQ of a table cloth. Don’t even waste your time. You’re not the one with the problem in that situation.

It’s a matter of ethics and a matter of truth. If you think it’s alright to treat one patient like every other patient than you’re mistaken; you have no vision of humanity and no respect for the uniqueness in every human being.

Speaking of truth, and laughter and positivity, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk more shit about Ben Carson. I’m not big into Politics. It might seem like I am. I swear I’m not. But how can anyone pass up talking shit about straight up ignorance?

You all hear about the story of him saying he took a class at Yale called “Perceptions 301” where his professor came in, said all the final exams burned and that the students would need to retake it. Everyone walked out except for him and his professor congratulated him, claiming the burning of exams was a hoax and that he was looking for the most honest student in the class. His professor then gave him ten dollars. Someone for the Yale Daily took his picture.

There was no such picture ever found and no class listed as “Perceptions 301” during his years at Yale.

If I were Yale at this point, with their long list of ignorant politicians as “graduates”, I’d stop admitting they even attended. I mean it’s just embarrassing at this point. It’s bad enough Ivy League’s just take people’s money and admit students . . . you’re not even sending them out as good people, they’re getting worse if anything. Spoiled brats.

You all ever read words by the Harvard president? That guy is a moron. I read an essay from a Harvard professor who went deep into detail about the corruption in Ivy Leagues and how depressing it is. When I find it again, I’ll go into better detail.

So my point is, Yale, You already got a bad rap. I’d stay away from aspiring politicians.

Anyway, it all goes back to the truth. Carson’s telling all this stories for the purpose of? Does he think it makes him look gallant and admirable? Does he think people are going to believe his bullshit when there are people hired to specifically background check these liars?

The funniest part there are probably still some people who still believe him.

This is what happens when you’re selfish. If he was thinking about the “people of America” or whoever they pretend to care about, there’d be no reason to lie, no reason to buff himself up, no reason to boast about Yale or money or anything. Instead, he’s running around like a chicken with his head cut off–or shoved up his ass, one or the other–and about to get shoved off a cliff by these investigating media junkies.

I’d recommend he contact a local individual diagnosed with Antisocial personality so he can learn how to lie and manipulate. Talk to a corporate executive or something. He can’t be a good politician without those skills.

I’m just trying to help. Watching anyone crash and burn is honestly very uncomfortable for me. I mean . . . the stupidity is so astounding that I don’t know what to do with my hands when I read his bullshit. I’ve slapped myself on accident because they just get so flustered and start waving around looking for something to hit.

I don’t think any black folks gunna be voting for Carson because he’s black. That’s a . . . that’s evident.

Bottom line ya’ll, focus on the truth.

Our country is just layers upon layers upon Donald Trumps hair, and we’re not going to survive much longer this way. It’s time to get controversial. Open your mouth, be loud, get angry. I do it all the time. Know when to be polite and when to defend yourself. And if you can’t defend yourself in your honor, defend yourself in everyone else’s honor.

I say we all rush the pentagon.

Too far? Yeah maybe a little too far.

At least get loud and angry. If enough of us do it, it’ll have to be listened to.

9 thoughts on “I Can Fly And Shoot Lazers From My Eyes At ISIS: Vote For Me In 2020”

  1. ok even before I read this , I just want to say….YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!…Your claims of super powers in the title of this piece…are no more or less outrageous than what we hear coming out of most politicians pie holes….Think there’s an old joke that asks, “How can you tell a politician is lying?”….”They open there mouth”…ok, I said it was an old joke, not necessarily a funny one. But for the most part it’s very true. Alright now I’ll go read the rest of your blog…I may have more lunacy to bestow shortly.

    Liked by 1 person

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