Don’t Make Me Loosen My Belt, Ben

First and foremost, a shout out to my followers, there’s over 100 of you now and that’s awesome, I didn’t think this blog would actually end up going anywhere. I feel like everyone says that. But whatever, I can be cliche for a day. Thanks to those who followed me from the beginning and those who just recently followed me and of course everyone in between. I appreciate every pair of eyes that skim my posts.

Secondly, let’s all take a moment to recognize how stupid Ben Carson is. This isn’t going to be a political post so don’t click away just yet, I just want to take some time to address how horrible our language still is in this country, even among “professionals”.

He’s supposed to be a neurosurgeon, right?

Let me just . . . let me just quote him. I feel like this . . . I . . . just read it.

“So if [‘in God We Trust’] is in our founding documents (it’s not; it was adopted in 1956), it’s in our pledges, in our courts, and it’s on our money, but we’re not supposed to talk about it–what in the world is that? In medicine it’s called schizophrenia–and I for one am simply not willing to kick God to the curb”.

I sure hope he uses the term “medicine” very, very loosely because the last time I checked schizophrenia has nothing to do with not talking about God. He may not be willing to kick God to the curb, but God just face-palmed and looked away. I mean, the ignorance is astounding. I’m sitting here with a tooth ache and now I have to worry about the overflow of blood pouring from my eyes from all the needles his quotes are raking through my optical membrane.

Yes, I fight with social anxiety every day. Walking to class is a chore with all the eyeballs judging my appearance, the way I walk, the way I sniffle, the fluffy curls of my hair, the thoughts in my head I’m sure are loud enough for them to hear. Sitting next to people sucks. I can’t write near them without worrying they think I’m doing all the problems wrong or without worrying they’re laughing at my wrong answers in their head. When I hear groups laughing across the quad, I’m convinced it’s about me. I quickly check myself to make sure something isn’t out of order. God forbid I speak because then I’m worried about how stupid I sound, how stupid my words are, how I stuttered, how I got the wrong answer–whatever. If I’m in a room with many people (like my 100+ Chem class), then my brain automatically focuses on literally every person’s conversation. I’m so obsessed with their words, sifting through their conversations to make sure it isn’t about me, that I end up worried about the fact that they might notice that I’m worrying about their conversations. I don’t even know how that makes sense.

My Future Ride

But Ben Carson–he makes me not socially anxious. I could roll up on him in a red, candied 1967 Cadillac Coupe Deville with the white walls and chrome bumpers blasting Ghetto Classics by Ying Yang Twins, walk up to him in my giant purple fedora with the white spotted two-foot feather sticking out of the side, with my mahogany cane with the chrome-cobra handle with some baby powder slathered across my left hand and literally slap him so hard across the face it’ll feel like he kissed a freight train.

I reserve that level of assholery for the most assholiest of the assholes.

Is it really that hard to respect people and watch your mouth? Especially being a SPECIALIST in NEUROSCIENCE? I know I cuss like a fucking sailor, but I don’t run around screaming “you fag” or “you’re so bipolar, calm down” or whatever. I’ve caught myself saying “that was ADHD” a couple times, and I make myself recognize the words going through my head and coming out of my mouth.

Gays, Lesbians, Bi’s, Trans, and everyone on the gender spectrum who don’t identify as plain old boring “male” or “female” with plain old boring traditional values struggle with stigma just as much as we do. However, their topic is much more controversial in the public. Therefore, if Carson had said something with the word “faggot” or said “Man, it’s gay kicking God to the curb like ya’ll been doin'” well fuck me, people would be rioting in the streets right now.

Well, maybe not rioting, but it’d be safe to say there’d be a much larger backlash and organizations standing up and bashing him. His campaign career would damn near be over (if it isn’t already) and he hasn’t even been chosen as a running candidate yet!

So my suggestion? Let’s make mental disorders controversial. Really controversial. I mean, we’re not going to progress by being passive, pointing out a few people’s mistakes, and then never talking about it again. Right now we’re just plain old stigmatized. We get blamed for a lot, especially crime and that’s easy to do. We got a few people on our side, mostly those who have dealt with some type of mental health issue or know someone who has, but that’s not enough.

In response to Carson, I say this:

“So if Mental Illness has been around since before the time of our founding fathers, since it’s in our schools, in the work place, in the public, and in our own family members, but we’re not supposed to talk about it and just let idiots like you use our pain as adjectives for your dumb wanna-be campaign slogan–what in the world is that? In Medicine it’s called unethical–and I, for one, am not willing to let any of it slide.”

Someone with twitter and a lot of followers tweet that and get it to Ben Carson. Facebook it to him. Etch it into a stone tablet (not your fucking Ipad) and launch it at his face.

A neurosurgeon? Psh.

I feel like you need a certain type of inconsiderate conscience to be a politician. I feel that many go into political science with good intentions and somehow come out with a completely different brain. I don’t know. Maybe there should be a specific section in the DSM-V under the “Personality Disorders” reserved for politicians.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Loosen My Belt, Ben”

  1. Another excellent post…Can’t help I just love the way you express yourself :)…Personally I think asshats like Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz…ok the list is too long to list them all…are foisted upon the political landscape and the public consciousness to exasperate the divisions that exist in our society. This purposefully done in my opinion to keep the rest of us not in the elite club of power & wealth…fighting amongst ourselves…making it harder for us to stand united against their oligarchy of privileged control. Or it could be I’m just paranoid and the world is just full of complete assholes. Either way…until we can breach the barriers that divide us, and come together to make this world a better place…we have to deal with this kind of idiocy. Ok end of another rant..haha
    Enjoy your evening πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much πŸ™‚ Haha, I don’t think you’re paranoid, I think there’s definitely some purposeful division going on between the elite and the non-elite, it’s been happening for too long too rigorously for there not to be in my opinion lol. Feel free to rant any time XD Enjoy your evening as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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