Don’t Ask Stupid Questions

Politics. Politics, politics, politics.

The word leaves a bitter taste on my tongue. I think it leaves a bitter taste on most people’s tongue, especially if you’re in the U.S.

You might say you don’t care about politics, you might even avoid watching specific news channels because of it, but if you’re in the U.S, there’s a problem with that: we’re supposed to be a democracy. Now, if you’ve taken a moment to observe even the slightest bit of our government you’d see we’re more of a Corporate Capitalist society, with some um . . . disgraceful attempts at socialism.

But, because we still insist on calling ourselves democratic, ignoring politics means you’re not getting a say in a government that is supposed to be run by you. After all, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors” as mah boy Plato says. It’s no wonder they get away with so much bullshit; hardly anyone opposes them. The only people investing time into politics are the people who are either extremely left or extremely right. There are some obscure middle ground people and third party people, but let’s be honest, how much influence do they have?

Too much money involved in campaigns (not as if people are going to get together and oppose it) and too many corrupt bastards sipping coffee and jerking each other off in congress (not that people are going to get together and oppose it).

As I’ve said before, we’re a very individualistic society. Sociology does a pretty good job of explaining why that world view is so primitive and selfish. You can tell little Bobby he can be whatever he wants and he can, but I’ll tell you there’s going to be a big difference if little Bobby is white and grew up in a house in the suburbs versus if little Bobby was black and grew up in the inner city. We don’t talk about the fact that red lining black neighborhoods in the thirties, forties, and fifties and having real estate representatives sneaking up to white people’s houses and telling them “come live in the suburbs, there’s less crime because it’s less . . . ethnic” still has an influence on how races are perceived and how far someone of color can go in today’s society in the United States. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Suburbs were created as a white haven.

So what do politics have to do with mental illness?

Don’t ever ask me that question, that’s a dumb question. Teachers tell you there are no such thing as dumb questions but let’s be real here; if I’m holding an apple in my hand and you walk up to me and you see it’s an apple and you still ask me “what’s in your hand?” I’m going to smack you. That’s a dumb question.

Politics have everything to do with mental illness. The elite created the term mental illness. They called you ill, and they still do.

So, as we cower in the dark corner over here, cold, trapped, alone, wondering whether or not sanity it exists, whether or not we’ve lost it, and for some of us, whether or not we even exist (I’m a frequent visitor of that line of questioning), they’re telling us who we are, what we should take, how we should live, and most importantly, how intense our symptoms must be to even quality as “ill”. Yep, that’s right, there’s an application process to being labeled. It’s not about whether or not your symptoms cause you distress, it’s about whether or not you fit into a category that warrants medication use–and therefore, profit.

But beyond the corruption within the system that you all know I could spend days upon days talking shit about, there’s another major problem. We’ve become a scapegoat. All of us, not just the mentally disturbed people participating in all these mass shootings.

Now, I wasn’t going to do a post on this shit because honestly I get sick of saying things that should be so obvious.

If I shot up my community college (which I would never do; sure I can’t stand school, but that’s not everyone else’s problem), what’s the first thing out of my mouth while I’m in the interrogation unit? “The voices told me to”.

I mean, it’s an easy out. If you can fake it in front of a psychiatrist, if you’ve been acting strange around your friends, family, or better yet if you had no friends and family, you might just be able to pull it off.

On the other hand, maybe the voices did tell you to do it. In which case you’d just be a murderer, not a murderer and a liar. So, I guess that’s a plus for you.

To commit that level of atrocity, you’d have to be a little disturbed, I’ll be the first one to admit that. Does that make it right to start blaming every person with schizophrenia who may or may not have been violent, or every person with Bipolar disorder who may or may not be violent, or every person with Asperger’s/Autism who may or may not be violent, or every Borderline Personality who may or may not be violent, for this kind of shit?

I agree with Liza Long’s opinion. I don’t see mass shootings as a gun control problem or a background check problem, or any of that bullshit, I see it as the result of a “society that has failed to help our most vulnerable”. She’s absolutely right that these tragic incidents are “the price of our silence”. As much as I love keeping my mouth shut and observing, there are sometimes big consequences for doing so.

If these politicians and such love statistics so fucking much, why don’t they read their own studies and realize that people with mental disorders are much more likely to be a victim of a crime than to commit one. Take that check to your fat pig bank and cash it. 

If anything, this kind of media coverage pinning mental disturbance as the reason for a mass shooting only fuels an ongoing ignorance that, in turn, fuels stigma. We’re the scapegoat, I’m telling you. Instead of pushing treatment for those suffering from severe mental disorders or for those suffering at all, instead of funding projects to help with early intervention, instead of helping teach society the truth behind living with a mental health disorder, they decide to keep on pumping up our military industrial complex and stress the importance of background checks. Because you see, it’s not societies problem that your son just went off the rails–you should have gotten him help (because it’s so easy to get help these days), he should have gotten himself help. It’s not societies problem the gun shop dude didn’t do a thorough enough background check, that’s his problem. Nothing is ever societies problem, it’s always the individual’s problem.

And that, my friends, is what makes the idea of the American Dream, the idea of Corporate Capitalism, the idea of half-assed Socialism that isn’t even social enough to be considered Socialism, the idea of Individualism as the golden trait of humanity, so dangerous.

There is a huge difference between individualism and being an individual.

I agree with C. Wright Mills: Our private issues need to be public. How do we expect to grow as a society when everyone is trampling over each other? In kindergarten we were taught that “sharing is caring”. So . . . what the fuck happened with that?

It’s not pathetic to need help. It is pathetic that we, as a society, see no need to put effort into helping those that need help. It’s pathetic that we as a society can’t see that we’ve helped certain people, races even, be privileged, and let the others hang out to dry. Every single coward in congress is pathetic.

I’ve stated it once and I’ll state it again: I never regret a word of what I write.

It’s obvious these dumbasses just want schools to keep getting shot up. Yeah, let the people run up in the elementary school and kill some kids. Give an address to the public. Have a representative from the government express grievance to the families. Go home, take a bath in your hundreds, and kiss your wife goodnight. Hope she doesn’t sit in a theater tomorrow and get shot in the back of the head. Wake up the next morning, help your kids get breakfast and send them off to their nice white private school where they’re safe from any violent schizophrenics wandering around. Sit in your seat in congress, jack off your neighbor, and go home.

Don’t take a moment to think about all the families whose children aren’t going to join them at the dinner table anymore. Don’t take a moment to think about all the families whose mentally disturbed children are branded for life as murderers, who are slandered in the media, who are stuck behind bars, in institutions, for the remainder of their life because that agency you stole funding from to put an extra couple million towards our dormant nuclear war heads couldn’t hold their foundation any longer and turned away several struggling, mentally “ill” people and their families. Don’t take a moment to think one of the citizens to be turned away shot up little Bobby’s school yesterday.

Anti-Social people can really be full of themselves, very narcissistic. They need control to thrive and the government is no different. There’s only one way to put out a fire: take away the oxygen; there’s only one way to stop an Anti-Social personality on a rampage: take away their control. I’m not advocating violent revolution, but I am advocating revolution of thought. Don’t be lazy. It’s not their government, it’s our government. It’s not their country, it’s our country. It’s not their mental health policies, it’s our mentally “ill” families, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and selves getting dicked around.

I say we slip a few Risperdal in some official’s coffee. Maybe it’ll help squander their psychotic thoughts. It’ll for sure help with their addiction to whacking it.

Some of them might need something stronger. I’ll have the Haldol and Thorazine on hold for them. Don’t worry, I’m almost a doctor, they’ll be fine.

My point? Politics and Mental Health go hand in hand. Get educated. It’ll help in the long term much more than a protest. You can’t get arrested for learning. At least, not anymore.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Stupid Questions”

  1. Love this! I think you and I have very similar thoughts on this issue lol I would like to share an article I wrote related to what you are saying if that’s OK. You couldn’t be more right and the batman slapping robin lmao…awesome you rock! The media has skewed mental illness….and guess who runs the media?…just guess lol…*sigh* when are people going to start exercising their critical thinking skills? We just take everything thrown at us at face value….that is very scary…this world is going down the crapper more and more each day…there are people who actually believe mental illness is not even real…that it’s “all in our head”….ummm yeah dumb ass…thanks for pointing out the obvious…ugh…anyhooo love this article and love that you’re not afraid to speak out. Keep fighting the good fight we need more voices like yours! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I would love to read the article you wrote! As you can tell, mental health in relation to the world is one of my favorite things to write and read about.XD If anything, I want to inspire someone to speak out just as much as I do, it could do some good out there in a world that’s so silent on everything. 😀

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  2. Great thoughts….well written. Think you hit the nail on the head more then once regarding our socioeconomic, political, and mental health systems in America. Think I would only take issue on one point…when you mentioned about America not having a gun control problem….first I don’t like the term “gun control” it has negative connotations…nobody likes to be controlled. In this line of thought I definitely think we have a gun safety & proliferation problem in country. There’s a lot of statistics to back up my statement that I won’t bore you with. But suffice to say…regardless of how strongly you back 2nd amendment rights…does anyone really need to own military type weaponry? And do they need to own as many guns as they possibly can afford?…Every gun that ends up in the wrong hands…started out at some point as a legal purchase by someone. I think having an intelligent discussion about gun safety & proliferation is just as important, as discussing how to improve our mental health system, how to better address poverty, income inequality, and a whole host of other issues that have an impact on society and our individual lives….Ok end of rant..haha….And again I really enjoyed reading your thoughts…you’re a pretty sharp cookie…sorry sometimes these archaic phrases just pop out on me 😉

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    1. Thanks! That’s true what you say, I see how the phrase “gun control” isn’t exactly as accurate as gun safety and I think that’s important since we really depend on the connotations behind words rather than the words themselves. The issue of guns in this country is just as pertinent as mental health and I think they both go swept under the rug until something tragic happens, and even then it’s on the news for a day or two before the media moves on to something else. We don’t spend a lot of time debunking issues in this country I’ve noticed. It’s more like . . . here it is, let’s leave it up to the government to figure out what to do. And I don’t understand that logic haha. But anyway, thanks, I like hearing your stance on the subject 🙂

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      1. So agree…none of the immense problems we face in our country and world have easy solutions…we have a tendency in the media, and as individuals, to try and simplify complex issues. and in doing so we often end up scapegoating different segments of society…whether it’s the mentally ill, immigrants, African Americans, homosexuals, etc, etc, etc…and I don’t understand it either. Instead of everyone working together to address all these complex issues we face…people would rather bicker amongst themselves and cast blame for all societies woes on some perceived villain…while the problems just keep getting worse…we do desperately need a revolution of thought & process in our nation & world

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      2. It’s all sad really. There’s so much to discuss and discussion can be so much fun . . . I hate that they usually turn into arguments rather than a meeting between people that could turn into useful ideas.

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  3. Like your article. Yes, Americans have gotten to used to 30 second sound bytes before they move on to the next subject and are not using critical thinking enough. To be a vibrant democracy, we have to critically think and not just believe every piece of crap spit out by Donald Trump or Fox News or whatever. I remember being taught critical thinking in school and having lively, well-thought out debates on subjects. That doesn’t seem to occur in the schools much anymore. I saw this when I was a substitute teacher. There was little critical debate just endless spoon feeding. Our society is dumbing down which does not bode well for the future.

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    1. Thank you. I agree, and it’s saddening really. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. It’s too easy to get by with mediocre understandings of things these days. In this society it’s crucial kids develop those critical thinking skills; we have enough sheep already.


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