Out Of The Blue: Liebster Award Nomination

Not very accustom to how this goes, but I will try my best :’)

Thanks, bipolartohappiness, for the . . .

. . . nomination.

Here are the rules for this:

  • Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated me and include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.
  • Nominate 5-10 other bloggers and notify them of this in one of their posts.
  • All nominated bloggers are to have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator and create 11 different questions for your nominees to answer.  Or, you can repeat the same questions.
  • Copy these rules into your post.

Sounds simple enough, don’t it? I think so.

These are the questions I was asked to answer:

  1. What is your sign and do you think you are just how it is described? I’m a Gemini and wholly hell does it describe me to a T; impulsive, indecisive, restless, devious, imaginative, witty, clever, you know, a bunch of good things.
  2. Most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen: A whale two feet from my boat, close enough to touch it, and then breaching a mere ten feet from us. That was breathtaking. 
  3. If you could travel anywhere where would you go? Political issues aside, I’d love to go to China. Or Japan. I love learning about ancient Asian cultures.
  4. Your most expensive purchase and are you glad you splurged? Well, an obvious answer would be my car but a less obvious answer would be this computer I’m on. I’m very glad I splurged. Windows 10 could fix some kinks though.
  5. Android or Apple? Android. I mean . . . I’m not going to spend 600 dollar on an iphone (or get a contract for one) nor am I going to spend 2,000 dollars on a computer. I know I’m impulsive but come on now. Okay, maybe I’d get the computer if I could reasonably afford it. 
  6. What do you dream about? Three categories: Alien Invasion, Robberies, or Tsunamis. Always.
  7. TV shows or movies and what is your favorite of what you picked?T.V shows. My favorite? Arg, that’s like asking me to pick my favorite limb and saw it off. I’d have to say Doctor Who. All you people who just rolled your eyes, don’t judge me! 😀
  8. Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? Yes. It’s a necklace with a serotonin molecule as the charm.
  9. Do you have a quirky thing you do? I am a quirky thing.
  10. What do you sleep in? Whoa, getting personal here. Usually a t-shirt and some fuzzy pants I can rub for comfort until I go to sleep.
  11. What motivates you to write? Writing is one of the most expressive forms of communication next to piano music, in my opinion. In writing I have a voice that you can either love or hate and the best part about it is I don’t have to see you loving or hating it. The second best part is knowing someone may benefit from the few words I do say, and if one person is able to gain a little hope or insight or comfort or whatever from something I post, a story I write, a novel I publish, then I know what I dedicated the other half of my life to was not in vain.

Phew. I talk too much.

Okay. For the nominees I select, here are the questions for you to answer if you choose so:

  1. How would you describe yourself using only one word?
  2. What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
  3. Favorite genre of music that gives you the most comfort:
  4. Best book you’ve ever read:
  5. Do you have a hero? If so, who?
  6. Number one goal in life and why:
  7. On a scale from one to ten, how amazing are you?
  8. The funniest joke you can remember:
  9. What brings you the most joy in life?
  10. Who has made the biggest impact on you?
  11. What attracts you to blogging/writing?

And the nominees are:

Drum roll please:

Probably cheesy to say that but whatever. Don’t know how many followers all of you have, but eh no one seems to know. Here we are:






To anyone seeing this post, check out their blogs too. They’re few of many that are great.

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