I Think I’m Moving But I Go Nowhere.

I can’t stop the tears today.

I wrote a poem last night, an ode to the last year of my life.

I never write poetry, I suck at poetry, but the words seemed fit only for such a genre.

I tried opening up a little more to my psychologist but it didn’t work. It completely backfired. I fell back into my obsessive habit of appearing under control on the outside and expressing trivial issues I feel would only advocate that appearance of control. There’s no rhyme or reason to why I do this.

The only thing in control here is depression and he’s a bastard of a boss.

Giving up isn’t an option until it is.

About AlishiaDee (377 Articles)
Alishia D. is a blogger, a beginning novelist, and a counselor at 2nd Story Peer Respite house where diagnostic labels and the culture of mental health is long forgotten. She's a mental health peer who has bounced through as many labels as she has doctors, and enjoys being sarcastic when she can. She also hates writing in 3rd person.

3 Comments on I Think I’m Moving But I Go Nowhere.

  1. courtneyerinbee // September 16, 2015 at 1:32 am // Reply

    Great post; hang in there 🌼.


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