Burn It Down

Hello darkness, you piece of shit. I was wondering when you were going to sneak up behind me and put me in a headlock. It’s been a while. Usually I’ll get a little warning, maybe a day or so of light sulking but I guess that game is all over. He means business now.

I swear there are little people in my head. Not voices, I mean literally little people. Like that movie Inside Out or whatever. And whenever they fight I’m stuck being launched into space or slammed into the ground or smothered in fire. There were so many thoughts I didn’t feel were mine scrambling around like crazy this afternoon. They cried for my help but what the hell was I supposed to do? I’m stuck out here, they’re stuck in there, what’s the point of asking me for help? I’ve been fighting with them for too long, they need to leave or I need to leave.

I’m the first person to stand up proud of myself and the unique parts of my brain. Doesn’t mean I enjoy it, not like this. The twelve hour naps are nice I guess.

I can’t write or think when I’m monotonous. I don’t know why I’m posting this since I can barely gather my thoughts. If I had insurance I’d be the first person shuffling into the halls of the hospital and making them feed me and drug me up and shit so I don’t have to take charge of life out here. Classes start in two weeks.

Yeah, I’m fucked. Nothing new in this neck of the woods.

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